Hello everyone from around the world to the official website of

Ilsa ‘the funny looking hippopotamus’,
and her friends George, the other hippos and giraffes.

Ilsa was created in January 2007 by her author Harry Mayr, and her first book (Ilsa, the funny looking hippopotamus) was published on the 12.12.2012. This book was awarded an international Mom's Choice Award in June 2013. Her second book Ilsa, the funny looking hippopotamus (Hippos are hippos, not giraffes) will be on sale in July 2014. 

Ilsa is a beautiful, innocent, fun-loving giraffe who delights in having adventures, and through her books YOU can join in on all the fun and learning she enjoys. With her best friend, George the hippopotamus, she discovers how amazing a place the world is ... and how special and unique we all are. She learns about 'the place under the rainbows' where the giraffes meet, has lots of fun with her hippo friends at the waterhole, and goes to the top of her mountain to see the wonderful view every day.

Ilsa also shares a daily post on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ilsathefunnylookinghippopotamus

Ilsa's innocence and genuineness captivate and unite people of all ages around the world. Within her, and through her books, there seems a place that we all want to get to ... a place of peace, love, and equality. The safety of Ilsa allows all who meet her, to smile and dream of a positive world. A world of unity, trust, love, challenge and fulfillment. We all have our own unique journey from which we learn and grow. Hopefully, Ilsa's adventures help the rest of us to keep motivated, patient and comforted when our own journeys become confusing and unclear. The comfort of safely sharing and not feeling alone, is a blessing beyond words.

Ilsa’s webpage has been slowly getting bigger and brighter, since its launch in December 2012. The 'collection to inspire you' page has become a favourite at the waterhole, for there is a strong sense of connection with everyone, and your individual journeys. The new 'A special place of sharing' page tries to help Ilsa's worldwide community become even closer. Her three newsletters to date have shared interesting information and experiences.

To buy any of Ilsa’s books, e-books or merchandise (e.g. badges), please go to Ilsa’s waterhole of priceless treasures.

NOTE:  To celebrate Ilsa's second book, Ilsa the funny looking hippopotamus (Hippos are hippos, not giraffes), we are happy to announce a reduction in cost to $15.99 (AUD). It can be bought at the St Marys / Penrith Psychological Services, 169 Jamison Road Penrith, or online. As postage and handling costs can be expensive, a signed copy of the new book will be delivered free of charge to people living within the radius of Bateman's Bay, Canberra, Forbes, and Taree. These deliveries will begin with the Central Coast / Newcastle areas (8.10.14) and the South Coast / Canberra areas (24.10.14). Please email Ilsa on ilsathefunnylookinghippopotamus@hotmail.com to ensure your copy and delivery time. Mailing costs for the rest of Australia are around $3to$7 for a single copy; and for international customers (approximately) $11 seamail and $15 airmail.  

Thank you all so much for believing in this webpage, as it means that the story and essence of Ilsa, George and the waterhole can continue to fulfill its meaning, purpose and journey. Please come back soon to join in the fun, and to share this special place. 

Thank you for visiting; Ilsa, George and the gang.



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